Water….Who Knew?

Water, Aqua, H20, Ice, Mist, Rain, Drizzle, Flood…. Water comes in many forms and is equated with many verbs as well. Splash, Drip, Soak, Sprinkle, Spray, Drink, Bathe….


Water makes up over 60% of Earth and about 70% of us. H20: 2 Hydrogen Atoms bonded with 1 Oxygen Atom and then you have what is known as an inorganic compound that is the most mystifying and amazing element out there. Water constantly changes, it can become a solid, in the form of Ice, a Liquid and a Vapor. It can move, bend, erode, flood, freeze, come down pouring from the sky, or arrive in a gentle mist which makes my hair look a lot like a huge mop!


Mop hair evidence from a misty night of fishing with my dad in the 1960’s

Water responds to energy. We know this thanks to all the studies done by Dr. Masaru Emoto He exposed water to music and loving messages, and also the opposite and then froze the drops of water to examine the crystal form it took on under each influence. Facinating stuff to this nerdy girl!  I highly recommend checking out his books. In recent years there has been a new theory that water retains memory, and that it can communicate. It has been part of a controversial study by Nobel Prize Laureate Luc Mountagnier Imagine all the stories the water we have used could tell over our life time!

I have been fascinated by water my entire life. I love the ocean, rivers, lakes, creeks and waterfalls. I love a hot bath filled with herbals and salts, hot tubs, floating on a raft, watching a storm roll in and the smell after the rain has stopped. I have always been drawn to water. My job even involves water!

Angel Of Water Colon Hydrotherapy Machine

Angel Of Water Colon Hydrotherapy Machine

Since water “takes on energy” it is important to be nice to yourself and to others, since we are made up of so much water. Say nice things, listen to joyful music, love people, send good energy to them, got out an put your bare feet on the ground and connect with the earth, better yet the beach!


We have been having a bit of fun here at Aqua Serene Wellness with Vita Juwel Gem Water Bottles. It goes with our theme of water (Aqua) and we love sending out good vibes over here to each other and our clients. These bottles are so beautiful and Dr Emoto’s work was an influence for The Vita Juwel Company, to the point they formed a partnership with HadoLife lab (co-founded by Dr Emoto) and had the gemstone vials analyzed. They did the photographs of the crystal patterns of the water that was placed in the different gemstone bottles. The results were as expected…Amazing!


Vita Juwel Passion Gem Blend


VitaJuwel Vision Gem Blend

An example of some of the frozen water drops above^

We love drinking from these beauties and we have them for sale here at Aqua Serene Wellness. We usually always carry the wellness blend in stock and special order the others. Come in an look at the beautiful catalogue and see what calls out your name! We are located at 301 E Carmel Drive, Suite C-100, Carmel, Indiana. 

Vita Juwel Wellness Water Bottle

Vita Juwel Wellness Water Bottle


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  1. Erika Haverstick
    Erika Haverstick says:

    It’s so amazing the things we are just figuring out about these essential elements! They are so intelligent… And our survival depends on being in healthy relationship with them. I’m saving my pennies for one of these awesome water bottles!

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