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DIY Blog

Hi everyone, it has been a while since I posted a blog. I have been buried in my basement under mounds of DIY rehab. Every hour of my days off since January 1st have been spent purging, cleaning, building studs, (with a stud ha ha) hanging insulation, finishing drywall, painting, sanding, staining, cleaning up sawdust, […]

Self Protection is a part of Wellness too!

Self protection should also be part of your daily wellness practice. A few times a year I ask my friend Jane to come over to Aqua Serene Wellness to share her immense knowledge and product line she sells for self protection to my  female clients.  Her events are done in the “Home Party”  format, we […]

Aqua Serene Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy All appointments must be canceled 24 hours prior to service via telephone 317-564-0930 and/or e-mail: cindy@aquaserenewellness.com. Our scheduling software automatically sends appointment reminders with a link to confirm appointment and contact information to cancel or reschedule. A late cancelation fee of $50.00 will be applied to client’s credit card on file (0r billed […]

Keynote Speaker Experience

I was asked to be a Keynote Speaker at the recent Trinity School of Natural Health Legacy Summit. They asked me because I am an alumni and have spent many years expanding on what I learned at Trinity, as well as several other schools and programs . They also wanted me to be a speaker […]

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day The day we celebrate the person who sacrificed alcohol, cigarettes, Tylenol, hanging clothes on the line (old wives tail) and all around being a “normal” human being for 9 months so she could be a healthy host to us; the perfect little parasite! Yes, for the majority of us we started out leaching […]

What Are You Willing to Do (Give Up) to Be Healthy?

This is a question a friend and I had sat and pondered with last week. We both have been in the wellness industry for many years. She is fitness, nutrition, healthy living and of course you all know my gig; gut health, skin health and supporting body systems with modalities I am trained in so […]

Holidays Can Be Heavy, Like A Bad Menstrual Cycle

The Holidays can be Heavy, like heavy menstrual cycles, they are uncomfortable, a PITA, messy and you just want it all to be over! Interesting comparison that many women will get and most men at this point have covered their eyes (ears) and moved along. To the men, I ask you to stay because this […]

Vacations and finding the perfect Bathroom!

  Vacation, that short stint of time many of us work all year long for. We squeeze in sights, beach time, hikes, local food, drinks, and sports and often our cheeks. We pack too many clothes, not enough money, and usually forget something. We end up with a few trinkets to remind us of our […]

Rescue for Me, is Another Form of Wellness

  Rescue is a huge part of who I am. As a kid I rescued bugs, snakes, frogs and stray anything that came into our yard. To my parents dismay I once rescued a huge snapping turtle from the middle of the road. I put it in a metal coca cola cooler, loaded it into […]