An in depth one hour digestive consultation is designed around a Signs and Symptoms Survey that the client completes prior to appointment.  A more extensive digestive consult can also include a 24 hour Urine test** completed by the client in the privacy of their home. Lab information is then provided to our Digestive Health Specialist. This information is used in combination with Intake Form filled out by the client in the office. After a consultation, an individual plan is designed for the client, including dietary adjustments, lifestyle recommendations, products or services to support client through their wellness goals.

Initial Digestive Consultation (1 hour) $50.00 includes online digestive survey

Follow Up Consultation: $15.00

A 30 minute follow up consultation to the original Digestive Consultation to check in with client and make any adjustments to wellness plan. This is usually done 2-6 weeks after initial consultation.

We are Proud to offer Loomis Enzymes as one of our products to support digestion.

Digestive Enzymes