Herbal Foot Spa Treatment:

Imagine soaking away the stress of the day with our Herbal Foot Spa!

  • After a 15 minute soak in this blissful herbal foot bath, including gemstones, herbal essential oils and lavender petals.  The next step is to tone your feet and legs with an herbal tonic. It invigorates and tones the skin.
  • Next is the application of cuticle oil, it penetrates the nail to strengthen and fortify while softening cuticles.
  • The final step in our lovely treatment is the application of a hydrating foot cream, This rich, invigorating cream soothes, softens and protects dry, rough feet.
  • Makes the perfect gift, gift certificates available as well as package prices.

     Ionic Foot Soak:

    The key to this system is a special high-tech array that emits a bio-energetic resonance into the water that then passes through the pathways of the body. Using the feet as a conduit to improve ones’ overall health by unblocking vital energy pathways is not new. The Ionic process makes use of the body’s natural ability and works by energizing the water to attract both positive and negative ions from both the water and the body. When the foot spa is turned on the array emits bio-energetic resonance that travels through the water and the body, an electrolytic reaction takes place. The water in the foot spa stimulates the body and creates a positive effect on the balancing of our well-being. As always consult your medical professional before undergoing any treatment or detox. This product is not evaluated by the FDA. Statements are for informational purposes only. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.

  • Not recommended for people with the following:
  • Pacemakers or any battery operated implant
  • Organ transplant
  • Seizures or epliepsy
  • Pregnancy or lactating
  • Open wounds on feet
  • Children under age of 5
  • Recent major surgeries

Ambre®️ Blends Foot Soak and SOQI Spa Package:

Imagine soaking your feet in the wonderful scent of Ambre Blends Soak; A mineral rich, natural and therapeutic blend of Dead Sea Salt, Mediterranean Sea Salt, Pacific Sea Salt, Cambrian Blue Clay, Ambre Blends natural Fragrance and a Rose Quarts. After 15 minute of soaking Ambre Blends Skin Tonic and Cream is applied then off you go to do a 30 minute Far Infrared Spa session complete with Chi Machine and Music Therapy! Pure bliss! $40.00