What is the SOQI Spa?


What is the SOQI Spa? To us here at Aqua Serene it is about the best Power Nap around! Our clients love to come over and have a SOQI session on their lunch break or at the end of the work day! We often pair it with our other modalities, before a colonic session, or a massage. It is warm and relaxing, the music calms your busy mind and you find yourself drifting off, your daily “busy mind” gets a break! The official description is below for all you Need to Know the Science people (I confess I am one of those!)


The SOQI Bed is a piece of equipment developed to revitalize and refresh the body. The SOQI Bed incorporates natural therapies and high quality products using a unique “Multiple Energy Approach.” Combined with an ergonomically designed massage table bed and spa music, the SOQI Bed is a state of the art approach to relaxation, rejuvenation and vitality!


Motion Energy – Proper circulation is vital for any living creature to thrive. Motion energy stems off of the concept of full body oxygenation. That is, delivering oxygen to all parts of the body internally so that every cell is functioning at optimal levels. Full body oxygenation can be achieved through exercise as well as our revolutionary heavily researched Chi Machine…

Thermal Energy – All living creatures in one way or another need the sun’s rays to survive. We use the natural energy from the sun to power our bodies. Our concept of Thermal Energy utilizes a form of infrared known as Far Infrared. NASA utilizes infrared in much of their research. Hospitals use Far Infrared on babies with Jaundice and other skin disorders.

Music Therapy – Research suggests that Music Therapy lowers heart rate, and blood pressure. Combining relaxing music with Thermal and Motion energies mix well together offering you the most relaxing experience of your life!


Our Beautiful SOQI Spa room

Our Beautiful SOQI Spa room


Introducing Our Skin Care Team

Meet the Aqua Serene Skin Care Team To give our clients a full body wellness experience, we have put together a team of professionals that are here to help you reach your optimal wellness and beauty inside and out. No matter where you are on your journey of holistic health and better skin care, we can help you reach your goals.

cindy head shot 2 I’ll start by introducing myself! I’m Cindy, a graduate of the Midwest Academy of Healing Arts, I am a Nationally Board Certified Massage Therapist as well as a Certified MT Instructor. I am an I-ACT Certified Colon Hydrotherapist, and a Licensed Esthetician. However, my true love is organic skin care. I have furthered my training in holistic esthetics via the Dr. Hauschka Institute. While I was there, I learned so much about safe organic skincare and especially about their signature facial treatments. A Dr. Hauschka treatment will take you away to a relaxed and blissful state, full of botanicals and nutrients for you skin. It is truly a spa experience! We also offer a full line of Dr. Hauschka products at our Hauschka Certified Holistic Esthetics Treatment Center.






alexis head shotAlexis Schoenrock is our traditional skin care specialist. She is certified in PCA Skin products and treatments which are progressive not aggressive. She loves to help clients battle their acne and chemical peels are her specialty. Using a combination of products and treatments, including Celluma® LED light therapy, her targeted treatments will get your skin beautiful and glowing! Alexis has an amazing talent in waxing services as well, using the best products available for each skin type. SkinByLex is her company and we are thrilled to have her warm and friendly presence here at Aqua Serene Wellness! We invite you to come in and visit us, sample some of our products and find out more about our wellness center and the other features we offer. We are conveniently located in Carmel, Indiana.