Big Questions? Life, Happiness & Purpose.


What is the meaning of life?  Cheese Cake!  No really I just had to grab your attention, however the  cheesecake in the above photo that I made was pretty awesome!

What makes a happy life?

What is my purpose here?

These are all some questions I ask myself.

Recently a dear friend of mine (ours) passed away  very suddenly of a heart attack. We were blown right out of the water, and around here at Aqua Serene there is a lot of water, did you read the latest blog about water? Anyhow, he really “Got It” He knew the answers to those questions and he tried to encourage the rest of us to find them. He may not have consciously  known this, but I think he was an Angel here on Earth earning his wings. I think he just heard the bell and Bam! Wings! I sat at his funeral listening to his achievements, how he touched so many people, how he had done so many good things in his 52 short years and I realized this is it, this is what time we are given, let’s do this thing called life! Lets find the answers!  He would agree.

I have worn many hats in my 55+ years here on our planet, this time around anyhow. I have a lot of education under my belt and life experience way beyond the average woman my age. I have owned several business, and have worked in many different fields. I have been a daughter, sister, mom, stepmom, wife, ex-wife, girlfriend, significant other, friend, enemy, victim of a crime, mover, shaker, hider, loner, and a target. I have fought for my civil rights (and yours), amended a law, had almost everything I’ve owned taken from me, battled health issues I was supposed to not survive, and more. After all that crap I wonder two things….What the heck was that all about?….What do I do with this (insert situation here) life lesson? I have asked the universe these questions several times over and this is what I finally “heard”.


The meaning of life is…..Love. Big Surprise right?

~Love your family, friends, co workers, strangers, and enemy (yes still I struggle with this one)

~Love the food you eat. (good or bad for you, its about vibration)

~Love your body, it knows, it listens to the critical thoughts only you hear. Think of it as a dear friend, would you say the crap you say about yourself to them? No, of course not, so don’t do it to yourself either.

~Love the little things and the big moments equally.

What makes a happy life?

~Only You can make a happy life, no one or thing can do it for you. Happiness comes from within. It is a choice. I am working big time on this one…so hard to do!

What is my Purpose Here?

~To Be Me, to celebrate the fact there is absolutely no other me here, I am it! Be Real, be unabashedly yourself, don’t make excuses, there is no reason to excuse who you are…maybe what you do…but not who you are. You were made to be authentic, if you don’t follow that then your telling the Creater that He made a mistake…and we know He doesn’t make mistakes. We are all just an unique expression of The Spirit.

If you know me then you know I struggle with each of the above answers on a daily basis, but this I have learned (several times over) A situation will teach you something, good bad or indifferent. The key is to pay attention:

~Embrace the Lesson
~Take the Time
~Be kind
~Be Truthful
~Be Genuine
~Extend Grace

Take the Time: Go outside in nature, take your shoes off and walk on the earth barefoot. You will get the negative ions your body needs to boost your vibration. Look at the wonders of the stars, the sunset, the rain, the patterns in nature, get your hands dirty.

Be Kind: This is different from being Nice, being Kind requires INTEGRITY. Anyone can be Nice. Extend a helping hand, a kind word, a smile, a hug, maybe a meal, a warm blanket.

Be Truthful: Be honest with yourself and with others, unless of course your friend already bought the ugly dress off the sale rack and thinks it’s beautiful, rejoice with her because she cannot take it back.

Be Genuine: Be you, wear what you like, listen to music that makes you happy, stay in your own lane, follow your dream. This is your trip around the sun, others may share it with you but don’t let anyone else control it for you, unless you drank too much to drive, then let them take the wheel to get you home safe.

Extend Grace: This is a big one for me. Grace is kinda like getting something good even if you don’t deserve it. Other people in my life sometimes mistake this for me being a push over, helping when maybe I shouldn’t because someone has not earned help. To me it is the way The Spirit works through us. Extending Grace is important to me, I pay attention the this.

I realize this Blog is not about a product we sell, or a sale or a service we offer, we are a Wellness Center after all and this all goes together. Happiness makes us well, Kindness makes us well, Grace makes us well. We do love to offer a hug, a smile, encouragement, a laugh, a tear or just hold space for you while you work it out. We want you to feel like your off to visit a friend when you come in and see us, even just to pop in and say hi!

I would love to hear your thoughts on how you go about finding Happiness, Purpose and the Meaning of life so leave a comment below! I like comments because it makes me feel like I am not just writing this for the sake of adding words out into cyber space.

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12 replies
  1. Erika Haverstick
    Erika Haverstick says:

    It’s true. The basic lessons in life are the hardest to learn. I think that’s because they are so close to the ultimate truth. Love yourself. Love others. Extend grace. So beautiful in their simplicity, and when you get it right you feel that warmth in your soul that only God can ignite. Thanks for this reminder that these are the things we need to refine in our lives. These small and immensely important activities. Simple and beautiful.

  2. Jennifer
    Jennifer says:

    I love this so much. Thank you for writing these words and sharing your wonderful thoughts and self. Peace and love to you! (all of you)

  3. Sally van Osch
    Sally van Osch says:

    I feel that everything you wrote is about having a healthy life. The first thing, above all else I believe, is to love yourself. If you don’t love and respect who you are, how can you give these things to others? Just one woman’s opinion.

  4. Shannon
    Shannon says:

    I find that kindness and grace becomes easier to do the more you do it! How amazing that it works that way- encourages us to continue to exhibit always. Thanks for sharing!

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